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Desjardins farm on the West Ridge Road in Easton. Peter Desjardins, then his son David Desjardins farmed this egg farm. The long building in the back was called the brooder house, where the chicks were raised. The eggs were graded and packed in the cellar beneath the farm house. The barn burned several years after this was taken, but I'm not sure of the year. I grew up here and have lots of memories and stories from each and every building in this photo.

I did grow up on this vary farm,and have lots of fond memories.

My husband also grew up partly on this farm. It was also his grandparents farm. I found this and it brought him to tears.

I use to work in the basement grading eggs and also babysitting the three kiddos..

My father bought this farm in the early 80s. My family still owns it today. I never knew the larger barn was on the property. The potato barn was burned down when we were in high school (later 80s). My Dad offered it to the Easton Fire Dept for training. This is an amazing picture!!

I graded eggs with Lena Beckman in the basement and also babysat these three kiddos!

I dated a young lady that lived on this farm in the mid 1980s 😊

My Mother was Rose Marie Desjardins Daughter of Peter and Mary (Pelky)Desjardins, Sister to David, Robert, Phillip, Dorothy, Margaret and William Desjardins I remember many great family gatherings here.

I worked for David on this farm in the late 60s. I graded eggs etc. With Brenda Cleaves.My wages back then,.75 cents per hour. Cleaning out the barns was hard work.

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