Kenosha County

We have 94 rolls of film from Kenosha County. That's about 3,384 photos.

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27-KKE-21 (1974)
Somers church
27-KKE-20 (1974)
Presently my house but was the Christenson/Minton farm .. Northside of e about 1/2 mile from county Rd h
27-KKE-19 (1974)
This house I believe is the second or third house from the corner of 88th or county Rd h and 12th street or... more »
27-KKE-13 (1974)
Somers church corner of 12th and 100th
64-KKE-21 (1974)
Wow.. I lived here from the day I was born until I was 20.. This looks to have been taken in the spring of the... more »
65-KKE-7 (1974)
Red School Cafe
3-KKE-8 (1974)
Log Cabin Cheese Mart.. Hwy V and hwy 45
2-KKE-13 (1974)
1/4 mile north of the state line on east side of hwy 45. I grew up in this farm.