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We have 596 rolls of film from LaGrange County. That's about 21,456 photos. 76% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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Latest Comments

045 ila 20
45-ILA-20 (1998)
This is also Radiant Acres 11 years after the first one. I grew up here. My parents made this homestead out... more »
053 bla 32
53-BLA-32 (1999)
I grew up here.
023 rlag 13
23-RLAG-13 (1990)
This is my grandparents house, John and Marcella Bremer. Not much has changed! Maybe a few less large trees... more »
033 mla 27
33-MLA-27 (1971)
I was 8 years old and lived here in 1971.
019 mla 26
19-MLA-26 (1971)
The barn is still there but the house was tore down and replaced with a new house. My parents still live there... more »
109 rlag 12
109-RLAG-12 (1990)
Turkey Lake tavern owned by John Torrez
107 rlag 06
107-RLAG-6 (1990)
I grew up here. Has changed hands twice now. It was Robert and Ruth Griffin or griffin excavating
021 mla 17
21-MLA-17 (1971)
I believe the house is still there it doesn't look this way anymore but I grew up here it would have been... more »