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We have 44 rolls of film from Penobscot County. That's about 1,584 photos. 52% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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009 mcpe 10
9-MCPE-10 (1963)
I have a lot of great memories there, as my father Onis worked there. Was able to see all the movies of the... more »
009 mcpe 10
9-MCPE-10 (1963)
My stepfather,herman michaud, built it with 3 other guys from greenville. I worked in the concession stand till... more »
008 mcpe 28
8-MCPE-28 (1963)
Prunella was the cook and friends with my mother atthe old farm inn. It burned down
006 mcpe 02
6-MCPE-2 (1963)
My grandfather, Otis Curtis, and his sons, Ralph and Vaughn, built the original homestead. I wish I knew the... more »
004 mcpe 14
4-MCPE-14 (1963)
My uncle Gene lives here.
004 mcpe 13
4-MCPE-13 (1963)
I grew up here, its where my Great Grandfather, Alton Coffin lived. My brother and i spent almost every weekend... more »
004 mcpe 15
4-MCPE-15 (1963)
My mom lived here. After the house burned down my grandparents put a new mobile home here. The old barn still... more »
004 mcpe 13
4-MCPE-13 (1963)
I live here now. It’s my home, so much has changed. Built by Alton Coffin.