Marshall County

We have 654 rolls of film from Marshall County. That's about 23,544 photos.

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105-FMA-2 (1974)
We live at this address now. The big barn by the road is still standing but the old chicken house was made... more »
106-FMA-7 (1974)
I know exactly where this is. The house is still there, and only two other buildings left. One to the far left... more »
140-FMA-31 (1974)
The armory at Culver Military Academy, the riding hall is in the top right corner.
17-FMA-31 (1989)
I grew up in house! This was my great-grandparents house at this time. It belonged to Paul and Mary Cripe. It... more »
161-FMA-5 (1974)
My grandfather-in-law owned the house and and farm land it. He also farmed the land around it for many years... more »
154-FMA-10 (1974)
Morris Phillips, Tippecanoe
46-VMA-33 (1988)
Bruce Ogden's farm
46-VMA-31 (1988)
This was Floyd Crow's farm