Kendall County

We have 331 rolls of film from Kendall County. That's about 11,916 photos.

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17-MKE-4 (1980)
I lived on this farm from 1983-2000
40-BKE-18 (1965)
This is the Schobert farm and was built by my great grandfather. My cousin, 4th generation lives there now and... more »
9-BKE-12 (1965)
SE Corner of Rt 47 and Orange St in Yorkville. Both buildings are still standing as of July 2016.
45-BKE-25 (1965)
The Jager farm, SW of Platville. On the south side of the road, the oval cement corn crib (built in the 1950s... more »
39-JKE-4 (1971)
This is also the community of Fox, west of Yorkville, Illinois on Fox Road. Our family lived there until 1958... more »
39-JKE-6 (1971)
This is the community of Fox. We moved from there in 1958, but at that time, my Grandparents, the Bellows, lived... more »
23-BKE-3 (1965)
This is the community of Fox......the house shown is the Hall's........there were 5 other houses, but all... more »
39-JKE-5 (1971)
We moved from there in that time, the house in the lower left was ours, the one on the lower... more »