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017 bha 32
17-BHA-32 (Hamilton, 1976)
Jess and Ida Lamberts farm.
029 fve 07
29-FVE-7 (Vermilion, 1966)
Sadly, the only structure left on the farm now is the metal Quonset hut. The pastures and lawn are tilled under... more »
015 two 20
15-TWO-20 (Woodford, 1988)
The home where I grew up! I now own it and my daughter and her family live there!
019 jsc 17
19-JSC-17 (Scott, 1971)
John Lott lives there now. Exeter Illinois
019 jsc 15
19-JSC-15 (Scott, 1971)
Byron Nobis lives here now it is just outside Exeter Illinois
019 jsc 14
19-JSC-14 (Scott, 1971)
Julius and Ella McDaniel McDannald farm outside Exeter IL
029 fve 07
29-FVE-7 (Vermilion, 1966)
I grew up on this farm, that is my dad's 56 Chevy in the driveway. We rented the house from Laurel Potter... more »

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