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We have 210 rolls of film from Jackson County. That's about 7,560 photos. 100% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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045 cja 07
45-CJA-7 (1968)
the corn cribs, old garage and feeding slat are gone. Trees are much bigger
034 cja 05
34-CJA-5 (1968)
My first job for a paycheck-less than $10. Worked for Earl Ammerman. Used our Ford tractor attached to a rope... more »
071 cja 26
71-CJA-26 (1968)
This is Mooreland, the summer residence that George and Ora Moore built out away from their house in Jackson... more »
046 fja 13
46-FJA-13 (1979)
This is my place in 1979. I bought it in 1987. It had already changed quite a bit in those 8 years. There was... more »
039 cja 29
39-CJA-29 (1968)
Steve Rachel bob rasche
063 cja 08
63-CJA-8 (1968)
In 1968 Sig& Lilian Ahrenstorff lived here, then my parents Marlis & Sharon and is where I live today... more »
005 fja 22
5-FJA-22 (1979)
Robert & Mary Ellen Stenzel Farm
002 kja 06
2-KJA-6 (1975)
Diane & Joanie Madsen Farm