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026 cja 04
26-CJA-4 (Jackson, 1968)
Kelly Garage that sold Chrysler. Plymouth cars.
026 cja 02
26-CJA-2 (Jackson, 1968)
This is the Land O lakes building that had meat lockers before people had freezer in house. In the 60's... more »
026 cja 03
26-CJA-3 (Jackson, 1968)
Its the Lakefield High School. The big grade school building has been torn down
015 cho 15
15-CHO-15 (Houston, 1968)
My Mom grew up here, Daugther of Irvin & Joanne Schansberg!
027 fho 29
27-FHO-29 (Houston, 1979)
my Daf Mikal Sylling grew Up here, Son of Karl & Marilyn Sylling!
005 ehu 09
5-EHU-9 (Houston, 1973)
My 72 or 3-year olf grandpa Karl Sylling son of Almer & Martha Sylling grew up here!
010 jdo 30
10-JDO-30 (Dodge, 1969)
Correction to Above comment: My parents lived here when I was born in 1943.
010 jdo 30
10-JDO-30 (Dodge, 1969)
My parents lived here when I was born in 1949. This was my home till 1962. My parents lived there till about... more »

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