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037 cwa 21
37-CWA-21 (Wabasha, 1968)
Walter, leo, Sarah and Josephine Sexton farm
002 jhe 27
2-JHE-27 (Hennepin, 1980)
Division stamping is the building in the foreground which is still there and the building in back is now Rapid... more »
037 wr 22
37-WR-22 (Wright, 1966)
Andrew and Laura, thanks for the information on the address and approximate age of the house. I really enjoy... more »
118 jst 13
118-JST-13 (Stearns, 1980)
Kevin Donnay's farm
105 jst 20
105-JST-20 (Stearns, 1980)
This was my home in the year I was born! Dairy farm owned and operated by my parents, Ken & Bonnie Zutz.
037 wr 22
37-WR-22 (Wright, 1966)
I think the age of the older part of the house sounds correct...you got the address! It was my mom’s home growing... more »
037 wr 22
37-WR-22 (Wright, 1966)
Mr. Schoenleben, 8744 Fenning Avenue Monticello if my memory is correct. Not quite sure on the house.age but... more »
037 wr 24
37-WR-24 (Wright, 1966)
Wayne Morries farm west of dads quarter. This farm was 200 plus acres and is now mostly all built out into... more »

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