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26-JPO-10 (Pope, 1969)
This is the Danielson Farm in Starbuck.. The House in the photo was moved in Early 80's to Terrace MN by... more »
23-JSTE-4 (Stevens, 1969)
Heinrich farm also my former neighbors
23-JSTE-3 (Stevens, 1969)
my former neighbors Reckers lived here
23-JSTE-2 (Stevens, 1969)
this is the farm that I grew up on unfortunately it is no longer there
35-CSW-36 (Swift, 1968)
yes I go to this church just north of Morris now after we moved it we built a fellowship hall to go with it... more »
28-FBI-35 (Big Stone, 1979)
Same farm as Frame 29-FBI-1, but this shot is looking SE

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