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043 jst 27
43-JST-27 (Stearns, 1980)
Millstream City Park on the west side of St. Joseph.
011 hsc 28
11-HSC-28 (Scott, 1971)
This is the George Gnerer farm looking northwest. It is has been divided into a half dozen home sites.
011 hsc 26
11-HSC-26 (Scott, 1971)
This is the old Frank Knapp farm that he would rent out on old County Road 68
011 hsc 29
11-HSC-29 (Scott, 1971)
I believe this is the Kearney farm on (old) County Road 68
072 jst 25
72-JST-25 (Stearns, 1980)
Former Hubert Schmitt Farm. Now owned by the Honer family. My Aunt & Uncle rented this house for many years... more »
063 jst 12
63-JST-12 (Stearns, 1980)
Old Puringer farm...my Uncle Fred Honer bought this farm in 2014.
044 jst 35
44-JST-35 (Stearns, 1980)
Tony Beuning of Lake Region Timber used to own this farm and ran a sawmill in the buildings on the right.

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