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025 awat 28
25-AWAT-28 (Watonwan, 1981)
Hello Faith, Unfortunately it appears the most recent shots we have from this county is this 1981 film. We... more »
025 awat 28
25-AWAT-28 (Watonwan, 1981)
We bought this house in 1989. Do you have any photos from 1989 till mid 1990?
029 bbr 10
29-BBR-10 (Brown, 1972)
Dist 210 Mulligan township now gone
028 abr 32
28-ABR-32 (Brown, 1981)
Parker farm from SW destroyed by 98 tornado house, sheds, and grove replaced
028 abr 30
28-ABR-30 (Brown, 1981)
Whitey farm abandoned now
028 abr 35
28-ABR-35 (Brown, 1981)
Shellum farm from E all but shed and wellhouse now gone
014 abr 06
14-ABR-6 (Brown, 1981)
Brown Cty REA from SE
030 abr 28
30-ABR-28 (Brown, 1981)
Rathman farm (Wensauer homestead)

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