Barron County

We have 158 rolls of film from Barron County. That's about 5,688 photos.

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18-EBA-31 (1972)
This is the farm where I grew up. So many memories from this time in my life.
31-NBA-33 (1980)
I believe this was the Frolik house near Dobie, Then owned by Joe & Ann Ricci
31-NBA-34 (1980)
I believe this is now the Von Arx house near Dobie. This was originaly the Novinska's
86-NBA-16 (1980)
This was taken two years before I was born. I believe this would've been the first year my father owned... more »
11-HBA-17 (1973)
Clover Leaf was the name of this I believe. Cheese factory, not sure dates of operation, but would love to... more »
20-NBA-25 (1980)
Fred Wampfler farm. Barn and machine shed no longer exist.
20-EBA-29 (1972)
This used to be the E. Ruff farm. The barn is gone except for the well house that's in the near left corner... more »
29-NBA-8 (1980)
My parents built this house and I grew up here...amazing snapshot of the past.