Stephenson County

We have 382 rolls of film from Stephenson County. That's about 13,752 photos.

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47-ISTN-37 (1964)
We lived here from 1964 to 1970. My parents rented this farm. The house and garage are still there but the outbuildings... more »
57-ISTN-34 (1964)
This may be the George Keister homestead. Anyone know for sure?
28-CST-34 (1974)
The old country school at the intersection of Rt 73 and Fischer Road.
30-CST-35 (1974)
Looks like the cheese factory where we used to take canned milk. Just East of Lake Le Aqua Na.
49-ISTN-28 (1964)
Looks like Alvin Wire's farmstead.
50-ISTN-6 (1964)
Ernest Williams lived here when I was a kid. He planted corn with wire yet the way this picture looks. He... more »
29-CST-5 (1974)
My parents owned this farm and lived there until 2014. They moved into the house in 1980.
50-ISTN-5 (1964)
I grew up on this farm. A great childhood for me.