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33-ZMO-18 (Montgomery, 1984)
Hezzie and Lillie Summitt, my grandparents, lived in this house in Sims, Arkansas from 1949 until around 1973... more »
33-ZMO-19 (Montgomery, 1984)
This is my grandparents old house on highway 88 in Sims, Arkansas. Hezzie and Lillie Summitt lived in this... more »
31-VPO-7 (Pope, 1983)
I spent many summers here as it was the home of my grandmother. Coincidentally, the land upon which it sat was... more »
28-GWH-23 (White, 1990)
My Aunt built this house Lorene Roberson
10-ZSB-28 (Sebastian, 1984)
First Baptist Church
10-ZSB-27 (Sebastian, 1984)
City Furniture Co and the Farmers Bank

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