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We have 201 rolls of film from De Witt County. That's about 7,236 photos. 79% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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012 ade 10
12-ADE-10 (1979)
The house was torn down and a new house was built on the foundation behind it.
029 ade 19
29-ADE-19 (1979)
Farmer City has a few Grain Elevators, but one small building I noticed was the old stock years, when we had... more »
029 ade 20
29-ADE-20 (1979)
FArmer City Race track and Fair Grounds Wow Lots of changes since 1966.
029 ade 21
29-ADE-21 (1979)
Moore High Good Old School Old Building gone, rebuilt yet fewer students. Time marches on.
012 hdw 19
12-HDW-19 (1970)
My Home from 1955 through the 80s. I left for school in 67 and the draft in 71. After Dad sold the farm it was... more »
012 hdw 16
12-HDW-16 (1970)
Rhodes Chevy where I saw my first 1963 Corvette Sting ray, a black coupe 4 speed with 327 375 HP fuel injection... more »
019 fdw 03
19-FDW-3 (1966)
In later years you will see a huge tin opening added to the front of the machine shed to accommodate the new... more »
019 fdw 03
19-FDW-3 (1966)
The small tree on the left of the driveway going in was planted by me and my Grandmother. I painted that damn... more »