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Rock Island County

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We have 230 rolls of film from Rock Island County. That's about 8,280 photos. 100% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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Latest Comments

054 aro 19
54-ARO-19 (1967)
My grandparents farm
005 aro 30
5-ARO-30 (1967)
This was my grandparents then my parents house in buffalo prairie...had has been torn down tho :-(
001 fri 05
1-FRI-5 (1994)
This has all been leveled. It’s just a corn field now with a driveway to nowhere. I grew up in this house. I... more »
003 aro 30
3-ARO-30 (1967)
Home is just north of Pine Bluff Church at County Road B and Highway 92. Now owned by James and Rikki Hofer... more »
004 aro 05
4-ARO-5 (1967)
These two homes were both bought and moved. One belongs to Jack and Sue Thirtyacre; the other by Patricia and... more »
003 aro 22
3-ARO-22 (1967)
A lot has changed since this photo was taken. All that is left is house and barn. I bought the property September... more »
022 tri 14
22-TRI-14 (1988)
Trees are gone, major remodel, and wrap around deck. I lived here from 71-81. My dad lived here until 1999
011 tri 06
11-TRI-6 (1988)
My parents actually bought this picture. They painted the colors in. Grew up here. Garden, woodpile, utility... more »