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  • This was my grandpa's place- Virgil "Socks" Chaney. I grew up in the middle house. My parents, Lloyd & Phyllis Chaney, built that house. This photo brings back many fond memories.
  • Wow. I was quickly scrolling through the posts and said "Wow, that looks like Steve's place". Then I saw your description. Great memories my friend!
  • When the original buildings were razed, my Mother (Betty, Hazel's sister) couldn't stand to drive down the County Line anymore. So sad; so many good memories. There was something quiet and relaxing about being at this farm.
  • My grandparents Elza and Arlene Kellogg lived on this farm. It's no longer there.I have good memories! Can I have a copy of this? So I can put it in a frame and hang it on my wall.
  • down the drive way. I drive past this house every day on my way to/from work. Some afternoons I catch a glimpse of Uncle Charlie working on the farm. Great childhood memories!

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