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  • This is the Jim Summers Farm.
  • farm
  • We farmed over 500 acres in this area in the 50's, 60's. One year, in addition to the regular crops, we raised over 10 acres of tomatoes,picked 'em by hand!
  • My husband and I built this house in 1975-1976 for my mother, Floy Robinson. We tore down the old two story farm house that I was raised in along
  • this farm in the 1950s I believe. We raised milk cows, corn, wheat, beans, etc and a huge garden. The "Good Ole Days" for sure! Mother sold the farm
  • farm
  • farm
  • Shouse Farms. My grandparents family farm.
  • Campbell Farm
  • Kapps Farm
  • This is the Tilley farm.
  • Gardner Farm
  • Louis E Rusch Farm
  • Vories Farms

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