Bremer County

We have 308 rolls of film from Bremer County. That's about 11,088 photos.

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60-KBR-13 (1983)
This was my grandpa and grandma's place. Carl an Emma Westendorf
55-LBR-34 (1970)
I was raised here there has been many changes since than. I remember like it was yesterday.
48-KBR-22 (1983)
My parents bought this place. For years my mom had strawberry patches near the old cottonwood tree, when she... more »
48-KBR-23 (1983)
I grew up here; my parents built every building in the picture and one more silo not on the picture. Now only... more »
48-XBR-1 (1980)
My grandpa and Grandma's Farm years ago Walter and Anna Sauerbrei House
61-KBR-7 (1983)
St. Matthews Lutheran Church, Readlyn,IA; where my dad grew up.
48-XBR-19 (1980)
Café next to Sauerbrei Oil.
70-KBR-7 (1983)
My old home place. Sure looks different now I can tell you.