Lee County

We have 84 rolls of film from Lee County. That's about 3,024 photos.

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43-YLE-11 (1978)
This is my grandpa's place! Glad to have found it!
40-YLE-3 (1978)
The house with the trailer was my grandpa Wagner's, and the house in the background was built in 1968 by... more »
40-YLE-27 (1978)
I grew up here! Address now is 1989 238th street. Farm belongs to my dad, Joe Moore!
21-YLE-11 (1978)
This is the Grossman Family farm. Since this picture was taken all the buildings have been replaced and a new... more »
8-OLE-3 (1986)
An addition to E side of house. LP tank in front yard, Front porch removed and ground level slab, metal corner... more »
72-YLE-13 (1978)
Wilferd & Cecilia Klesner
23-YLE-31 (1978)
In 1969 we moved to this property and lived here five years in a Mobile Home. We then built this home in 1974... more »
60-YLE-17 (1978)
This was my grandparents farm. Not much has changed. The pine trees that surrounded the property are long gone... more »