Madison County

We have 363 rolls of film from Madison County. That's about 13,068 photos.

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40-DMA-12 (1964)
I grew up on this farm. I chose a 16" x 24" framed print of this photo, from several photos that are... more »
32-CMAD-33 (1981)
I grew up in this home and my parents still own this home. A lot has changed. The out buildings are gone, they... more »
32-AMA-29 (1984)
We lived here from 1983 to 2000.
29-WMD-27 (1988)
Have owend since 1970 and it has changed alot
17-WMD-25 (1988)
Don and Eleanor Noack's farm. Current owner: Kim Maxwell
37-CMAD-11 (1981)
This whole homestead has been bulldozed level except for shed in upper right. All field now.
19-NMA-33 (1977)
Pitzer United Presbyterian Church.
2-DMA-9 (1964)
Howard Ford purchased in 1962. I grew up here. All these building are gone and replaced with others.