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We have 101 rolls of film from Montgomery County. That's about 3,636 photos. 100% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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005 xmo 23
5-XMO-23 (1980)
I live here now, but it’s all changed! New house, no barn, most of the trees are gone, it is hard to see that... more »
003 xmo 35
3-XMO-35 (1980)
My father and I both grew up here.
022 xmo 30
22-XMO-30 (1980)
This is my great grandfathers house has changed alot
034 xmo 16
34-XMO-16 (1980)
Milo and Lois Petty's farm. They moved to Red Oak in the spring of 1981. Milo died in November 1981. Only... more »
025 xmo 33
25-XMO-33 (1980)
I live here now...23 yrs. All the barns are gone. The white wash house fell down about 20 yrs ago. Trees on... more »
004 xmo 29
4-XMO-29 (1980)
Darry Jenkins farm, Wales, IA.
013 xmo 31
13-XMO-31 (1980)
Hobach's then Strover's
022 kmg 27
22-KMG-27 (1983)
My dad (Lyle Olson) bought this property along with the farm and split this acreage off keeping the corn crib... more »