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  • The old mason elementary school. I went to school here. Brings back alot of memories.
  • This was my childhood home. IT is no longer standing. It burned down in 1981, I think it was. Many happy memories on this farm.
  • dad! this brought back so many memories. I wish we could all get back to gather. Not for a death or sickness but just to see each other again.
  • anyone that needed help. Nothing there now, the store is gone, but our memories will always be. Dad passed away there and our family was broken. Can't wait till our family is back together again.
  • . The house and barn are now gone and there is a trailer on the property that my grandma lives in now. It is so neat to see it the way I remember and from the year I was born. Very cool memory.
  • amazing paint and body work and everything I do is in memory of him. I am opening a new Lanter Auto Body and Custom Paint shop within the next couple
  • after we moved. It used to have two gardens (left side and also behind the house), grape vines in the left and various fruit trees on the right. Many kids played on this farm! Happy memories for all our family!

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