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090 cmo 05
90-CMO-5 (Montgomery, 1973)
Tri-Day dairy farm, Damascus, Md. Worked there many summers baling hay.
061 hwa 32
61-HWA-32 (Washington, 1972)
Yes I do I lived beside Parker’s store for 18 yr my parents still live there and and I use to go play pool... more »
061 hwa 32
61-HWA-32 (Washington, 1972)
Parker Store, my grandparents lived nearby
061 cmo 13
61-CMO-13 (Montgomery, 1973)
I was raised in that trailer. Was born in 1967 and lived there until i was 21 in 1988
014 ufr 12
14-UFR-12 (Frederick, 1984)
Mt. Bethel United Methodist church
001 mfr 11
1-MFR-11 (Frederick, 1974)
Lived on this Farm from 1972-1985
030 cmo 34
30-CMO-34 (Montgomery, 1973)
That's the old Selby's Market in the lower right hand corner. Bassetts restaurant lower left corner... more »
030 cmo 24
30-CMO-24 (Montgomery, 1973)
Poolesville Elementary School

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