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200 rca 31
200-RCA-31 (Carroll, 1982)
Original Deer Park United Methodist Church. Corner of Route 32 and Deer Park Road.
042 lca 16
42-LCA-16 (Carroll, 1979)
Westminster Stock Yards
041 lca 07
41-LCA-7 (Carroll, 1979)
Wakefield Valley Bible Church
111 hca 08
111-HCA-8 (Carroll, 1972)
Brethern Service Center IMA building
037 cba 21
37-CBA-21 (Baltimore, 1973)
Sagamore Farm, Glyndon, MD
091 lca 14
91-LCA-14 (Carroll, 1979)
Baker Rd was a very quiet dirt road. I used to hack over to Taylorsville Hunt Club to foxhunt. Not anymore... more »
083 lwa 15
83-LWA-15 (Washington, 1979)
I grew up here and my dad still lives here biggest change is the addition of a silo
019 nwa 16
19-NWA-16 (Washington, 1971)
My grandparents lived here when hi worked for the prices the long barn on the right and silos are gone

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