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001 dho 07
1-DHO-7 (Howard, 1980)
This is what my home looked like in 1980
057 hho 29
57-HHO-29 (Howard, 1972)
This is my home that we purchased in 1998. We have built several barns and buildings and fencing.
015 cho 23
15-CHO-23 (Howard, 1989)
This is my current home since 1998. Does not show current out buildings.
180 rca 20
180-RCA-20 (Carroll, 1982)
Hi there,<br /><br />Thanks for getting in touch with us! All of our photos can be purchased directly... more »
065 cho 11
65-CHO-11 (Howard, 1989)
This was my grandfathers house, and my fathers new Toyota pickup in the driveway.
125 lca 37
125-LCA-37 (Carroll, 1979)
1408 woodridge lane Sykesville Maryland I grew up here
110 lca 13
110-LCA-13 (Carroll, 1979)
I grew up on this farm owned by the Rash Brothers!
110 lca 16
110-LCA-16 (Carroll, 1979)
Almost nothing. I lived there in late 50’s, early 60’s. Walked to the farm for milk.

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