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025 llhp 10
25-LLHP-10 (Hampshire, 1987)
Brings back some fond memories for me... more »
032 llhp 19
32-LLHP-19 (Hampshire, 1987)
Old Clark Farm 1724c, Now Brakey's Farm and Gravel pit... more »
027 llhp 17
27-LLHP-17 (Hampshire, 1987)
This is the bottom of Torrey St. Easthampton, To the opposite side are 5 houses that were built on a 6 Ac. Alfalfa... more »
112 hmi 30
112-HMI-30 (Middlesex, 1986)
I think that is Iverson Ford in Billerica, Massachusetts
109 hmi 26
109-HMI-26 (Middlesex, 1986)
That's Mrs. Nelson Candy House on Chelmsford Street in Chelmsford, Massachusetts
018 hes 34
18-HES-34 (Essex, 1986)
The Second Baptist Church on Amesbury Line Rd, Haverhill, MA.
019 hes 02
19-HES-2 (Essex, 1986)
Cornerstone Farm on Amesbury Line Road, Haverhill.
044 llhp 14
44-LLHP-14 (Hampshire, 1987)
Joe Czajkowski Farm

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