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We have 310 rolls of film from Carver County. That's about 11,160 photos. 96% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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006 mca 12
6-MCA-12 (1967)
I think this may be our farm but not completely sure. Has a long drive with a pond about halfway up the drive
067 scr 34
67-SCR-34 (1987)
Six generations of family have lived here. I raised my family here. Much has changed in 32 years except the... more »
020 kca 17
20-KCA-17 (1975)
Mayer Lumber Company, Inc. 201 Ash Ave S Mayer, MN 55360 my aunt lived in the house in the back in the... more »
038 mca 05
38-MCA-5 (1967)
Photo is of the Ron Gerres Sr farm
014 mca 12
14-MCA-12 (1967)
This was my home place. The only building from the standing is the house. the rest of the building they tore... more »
099 scr 23
99-SCR-23 (1987)
This is wrong location
057 kca 23
57-KCA-23 (1975)
Breeggemann Farm
042 mca 01
42-MCA-1 (1967)
Breeggemann Farm