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007 jja 10
7-JJA-10 (1964)
Shamrock Hills Golf Course, Lee's Summit
019 dja 17
19-DJA-17 (1981)
Cummins Dairy. My Grandfather’s farm. I grew up across the pasture. Spent my childhood in and out of that barn... more »
076 nja 03
76-NJA-3 (1990)
This house is on Lochkirk between cyclone school road and east 88th street, on the west side of the road.
002 bja 06
2-BJA-6 (1984)
My family lives here now and are the 3rd set of owners. There are many, many more trees! The "corral... more »
014 dja 07
14-DJA-7 (1981)
This is on Argo Road, Independence--Approx 27249 East Argo Road, Independence I lived across the street from... more »
011 jja 37
11-JJA-37 (1964)
correction: Lone Summit Ranch, Dutton Brookfield owned this at one time.
011 jja 37
11-JJA-37 (1964)
Lone Summit Farms
001 jja 30
1-JJA-30 (1964)
I would agree with Julie.