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060a nro 08
60A-NRO-8 (Rockingham, 1989)
In Lee, NH, at intersection of Rt 155, Lee Hill Rd, Lee Hook Rd, and George Bennett Rd.
060a nro 01
60A-NRO-1 (Rockingham, 1989)
This place was opposite Sunny's Restaurant, on Rt 125 in Lee, NH.
060a nro 03
60A-NRO-3 (Rockingham, 1989)
This is Sunny's Restaurant, on Rt 125 in Lee, NH.
060a nro 33
60A-NRO-33 (Rockingham, 1989)
Wadleigh Falls Rd (Rt 152), crossing over the Lamprey River. Tuttle Rd coming in from right.
059a nro 24
59A-NRO-24 (Rockingham, 1989)
East side of Lee Hook Road, in Lee, Strafford County, NH.
059a nro 33
59A-NRO-33 (Rockingham, 1989)
W Mill Pond Rd, at intersection with George Bennett Rd, in Lee, Strafford, NH.
059a nro 34
59A-NRO-34 (Rockingham, 1989)
Rt 155 in Lee, Strafford County, with town hall on left and library back in center of image. "Lee Hill... more »
059a nro 35
59A-NRO-35 (Rockingham, 1989)
Rt 155 (Mast Road) In Lee, Strafford County, NH. Building in center no longer a convenience store (or gas station... more »

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