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025 fro 27
25-FRO-27 (Rockingham, 1965)
Philbicks store top right of photo RT 1A RYE N.H.
025 fro 18
25-FRO-18 (Rockingham, 1965)
Rays restaurant in Rye N.H. Still there today 2019!
012 fro 03
12-FRO-3 (Rockingham, 1965)
Hampton falls kindergarten and nursery school 28 kensington rd Hampton Falls, NH Owned by Gordon and D... more »
012 fro 04
12-FRO-4 (Rockingham, 1965)
Put the good wood to it was the company slogan...
031 kkhi 32
31-KKHI-32 (Hillsborough, 1988)
This property was originally called “Pig Pen Hill” when we moved to adjoining property in 1998. There was a... more »
031 kkhi 27
31-KKHI-27 (Hillsborough, 1988)
Given the date and location, this is most likely Bronson Potter’s airplane. He famously (infamously) flew under... more »
030 kkhi 07
30-KKHI-7 (Hillsborough, 1988)
This is across the street from us and was originally built as a hunting cabin.
008 fro 33
8-FRO-33 (Rockingham, 1965)
May we old timers think of Bill Cannon as well as Bob & Marge Davies...Some of us would beat the traffic... more »

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