New Hampshire

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026 fro 27
26-FRO-27 (Rockingham, 1965)
The Surf before the fire.
026 fro 29
26-FRO-29 (Rockingham, 1965)
Hampton Beach Casino
013 fro 08
13-FRO-8 (Rockingham, 1965)
Bailey's. Shopping Center now.
013 fro 07
13-FRO-7 (Rockingham, 1965)
Seabrook Pizza Hut is there now. New Zealand road on left.
012 fro 29
12-FRO-29 (Rockingham, 1965)
Seacoast Fireplace and Stove, Seabrook
012 fro 28
12-FRO-28 (Rockingham, 1965)
Seabrook, Circle Discount Beverage.
008 fro 33
8-FRO-33 (Rockingham, 1965)
Hampton Falls Post office and Village Market

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