This Barn still stands in North Strafford on a road that loops off and back to Province Road. The house is gone, I assume burned. For a small barn it is a very neat structure.

JoAlCo Farm. Horseback riding camp. The house burned down in the 80’s. The barn is wonderful and is now connected to an indoor arena

I went to Camp Joalco a few years after this photo was taken - I think 1967 and 1968. It was incredible! We would ride in the mornings and evenings and go to the nearby lake in the afternoons.

I went to Jo-Al-Co 1969, 1970, 1971 and we went up weekends in the fall for 50 mile rides and in the winter for snowmobiling! We all loved it so much...

Sheryl, actually I think I was there in 1968 and 1969. So is the camp actually still there?

Were you a junior counselor in 1969? I was in Senior Cabin that year. Camp is no longer, Al and Co have passed but Joanne lives in So. Carolina and still has horses!

Spent several summers as a "barn boy" '62 '63 '64 and many weekend before and after Camp was in session and helped on many trail ride for about 8 or 10 years. With Rick H also Jimmy W and Russell

Sheryl, I don’t remember being a Junior Counselor even though it was after my freshman and sophomore years of high school. I don’t remember a cabin, just the main house, barn, riding ring and lake! What great memories. I wish I had the names of the women who were there then. It was only 35 girls I think.

Jane- 35 campers is about correct! The jr counselors "lived" in "Gods pocket" the only cabin with bathtub!! Only slept 4 counselors.

Just remembered another "remebery" atleast one summerJoanne slept in "GodsPocket" with Jessica Chernay and 2others before joanne "graduated" to main house top of stairs to the right front corner room

I was in tears when I received this beautiful, old picture of the riding camp that I attended with my horse during my high school years. These days at Camp Jo-Al-Co were the best days of my entire childhood. Having the picture made it seem real again. I will always treasure it.

Hi Everyone. I went to camp for 'Many Years" and know someof you commenting here. I wish I could go back in time. Jane, Sheryl and Dave. This is Deb (Warkel) Black. Still talk to Joanne . So many of the "old timers" have passed. Would love to connect with you all. Is anyone else still riding... Please say YES . Happy Trails !

Deb I remember Stan and Carole Warkle - any connection? Stan, on occasion drove the tracktor/trailer horse van!

I dated JoAnne.and visited the camp on several memorable occasions. Would love to catch up with her if anyone has her email address.

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