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  • dairy barn in August of 1971. My parents lost this farm and TWO Century farms due to the poor farm economy in the spring of 1984!
  • This was the home farm that I grew up on. The dairy barn was built in the fall of my junior high school year after a fire burned down the original
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  • . This farm became a Century Farm in 2014, being purchased by my great-grandfather in 1907.
  • This is where my father was born in 1928. At age 86, he farms it with my mom (85) yet today with a herd of black and red angus cattle on the virgin
020 ysa 17
  • Gpa Charlie's century farm. Original house has been replaced and now home to great grandson Nathan & family. Corn crib is gone but main barn stands
044 rdu 01
  • two sons run the farm that has been in the family over the past two centuries. Oh, yes, new building appear but it is still a perfect place to do some
  • I am a farmer's daughter and I shall always be grateful for my childhood days on this farm. Farming holds many joys but also many sorrows. Farmers
  • will produce something of value. Farming teaches the great need of dependence on God. My father, who worked with the earth on this farm, counted
045 pcr 34
  • The Clickett (Charles &Francis) Farm. Deeded over to daughter Julia and Ernest Hendershot. Transferred to granddaughter and daughter Anita
  • Hendershot; Sold off by daughter and sister of Anita, Nancy to Waddell Farm. Portion of property transferred to nephew of Anita and son of Nancy, Tim Prenatt
  • . (Polish immigrant owned, blood, sweat and tears, lost within three generations, less than a century later)
069 fin 26
  • houses remaining, plus a few old farm houses. The church was remodeled, and a parsonage built across the road late in the 20th century. There are less
090 lso 16
  • in winter. The dairy farming ended in the 70's but we are restoring the fields with an organic farmer. The old orchard, which once supplied apples
  • to Boston have been trimmed, and the old varieties have been documented by John Bacon who was born in the house in the beginning of the century. The land
097 amx 37
  • ) was part of a large farm owned by my father. I hold fond memories of my life growing up in this home, then college and ultimately my marriage
  • This “Ultra Modern Farm Home” -(SJR headline from 1956)- was built for Norman E. Hulcher whom was Mayor of Virden at the time. This historical home
  • Airport (circular center surrounded by circular wings). He never built or designed the same thing twice. I bought this Mid century modern masterpiece in 2017 and am in awe daily. We love it!
035 ogy 13
  • Wow! I was 9 years old when this was taken! This was our home from 1973-2012. The barn was originally a turn-of-the century "milk barn" and the land
  • of the original barn. Currently the land is owned by the Falcon family who have transformed the land into a working farm again. Many, many good memories.
037 lbo 16
  • Same place as Photo 40-BBO-18 in 1965. This 1973 view was taken from further back and you can see the road Pearl St Rd, running in front of the farm
  • charcoal grey brick home. The farm sits on the west side of Pearl St Rd. The total of 80 acres in Flora Township, Boone County, IL. 40 acres sit
  • which was a small hay field prior to that. The charcoal brick house is still there. Back to the old farm house, we had use of all the yard, the corn
024 amon 16
  • This farm was originally built by the G. H. Wood family. It was known as the Woodland Farm #1. It was the showplace of 3 farms along North Custer
  • Road in Monroe. The photograph is dated 1980, so I believe the farm was owned by the Vuich family at this time. The Woodland Farms #2 and #3
  • (west about a quarter of a mile on North Custer) were purchased by my father around 1945. My father sold the #3 farm around the late 1950's. Our
028b dma 27
  • story house on the right in the picture. At that time my older Brother Donald and wife Kathryn (Zink) moved into the house on the left. The farm is an Iowa Century Farm and is actually well over 100 years in our family.
  • Eckles agreed to move the original house SW across the farm fields to its present location. This was approx 1900. At the time of the move the house
070 fin 08
  • and Mary Ann Bostic Trimble farm, and the area, along with the schoolhouse, was known as the Trimble District and the Trimble School. In the early 20th
  • century, it became known as Blose Hollow, with the school being called the Blose School.
033 rge 11
  • This Century Farm was built by the Barton’s, the second owners were the Thayer family. We are the current owners and we’re friends with the Thayer
  • . It is now New Creation Farm. Unfortunately most of the large maples lining the driveway and road front have either fallen or had to be taken down. We
  • onto the west side of house and put a second story over a small section. The barn pictured now has a small addition to it and is going under some restoration. The farm is still a working sugarbush!
023 ybo 17
  • Same place as Photo 40-BBO-18 in 1965 and Photo 37-LBO-16 in 1973. I grew up in this old farm house from about 1964 - 72. I should also add I
  • of the old barbed wire fences that bordered the farm land appear to have been removed. It appears that the front porch was still on the house here but I
  • years after this 1987 image was take that the house was torn down. The farm sits on the west side of Pearl St Rd. The total of 80 acres in Flora
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  • . This was my great grandparents, Aielt and Henrietta Aielts, farm. It was a century farm. They moved off in 2012.

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