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Photo 23-ECL-2


This House is in Frisco TX. It sits on hwy 121 just east of Coit Rd. Part of the history of this farm is very racy. Back in the late 1970's into the 1980's Frisco had several so-called massage pallors and this one was called Michell's Ranch. I'm not sure what kind of business is there now, but I do know that the home is still there. I can remember about two years ago going into the medical offices at Coit and 121 and after arriving on the third or fourth floor I realized that I would for the first time in my life be about to see Michell's Ranch. To me, it was a novelty to see it but to my parent's they knew the family who lived there long before Michell moved in and even though I don't remember the family's name, I'm sure their history was much more decent than Michell's. At the time this picture was taken Michell's Ranch was open for business.
From an article my cousin wrote about this time in Frisco, "Now, everyone knows there is nothing wrong with a good healthy massage, but Frisco’s massage parlors were known to be sexually-oriented businesses (S.O.B.s), commonly known as “brothels” or “houses of ill repute.” They came here after having been “flushed out” of neighboring cities as development creeped northward. At that time, Frisco was just a little country town, barely a dot on the map, and four of the businesses landed along Texas State Highway 121, on Frisco’s southernmost border. There was the “Doll House,” the “Body Shop,” the “Tub Club” and “Michelle’s Ranch.”" https://friscostyle.com/stories/s-o-b...

Was there a Lilly’s ranch as well

I remember April's in Frisco. In fact I've been looking for a friend who worked there for years in the early 90s. Angela Renee Roberts. Would pay a million dollars to find her. She was my soul mate. I've done everything to look for her.

Yes - there were several “back then” on Preston Road - we were known for them . . . and then they elected a woman . . .

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