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Photo 14-LIR-11


This is now our house- purchased in May 2022. Built in 1971 (we believe) and we are the 5th owners.

Hi Brandi! That's so cool that you now live in the house pictured in the Vintage Aerial photo. . Does the house still have the same character and charm from when it was built in 1971? Since the photo was taken in 1994, have any changes been made to the home or surrounding area? Thanks for sharing with us! -Alexis

There have been MANY updates since then! But all for the better! The most recent being the ones we did. Is there a way I can share how it looks now?

Hi Brandi,

Thanks for commenting! What were some of the updates that you mentioned? It's always interesting to see how rural areas evolve over time. Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a way to share how the homes look today.


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Do you have a connection to this photograph? Maybe you grew up here or know someone who did? What has changed in the 29 years since this photo was taken? Tell us!