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  • It is still the same except the silo is gone
  • Laclair Farm North of O'brien's Gone now
  • Gone Now Farm Spear St close to Barstol sp Rd
  • Charlotte Town Garage Church Hill Road Charlotte, VT. House on the right and building behind it are both gone.
  • I think this was on Route 7 in Shelburne about two miles south of the village. It's all gone now.
  • This is just south of the intersection of Bay Road and Route 7 in Shelburne. Harbor Hideaway was just north of this. The building shown is gone. It's now an intersection with a stoplight.
  • Just north of intersection of State Park Road and Route 7 in Charlotte, VT. House and garage are still there but barns are gone.
  • this is bouffard kennel on river just south of village of essex jct line building are now gone and town houses build here
  • This is our current home. 110 Sheridan Ct Shelburne (in a neighborhood down behind the Automaster). Vegetation is pretty different now and the wishing well in the front yard is gone. Otherwise looks pretty similar today
  • This MAY be just south of the Route 116 overpass of Interstate 89 in South Burlington. All of these buildings are gone. It's currently the site of Fairpoint Communications.

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