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58-SBE-17 (Berkeley, 1973)
My great Grandparents house! How cool is this!
28-BPT-5 (Putnam, 1988)
This is along Main Street in Hurricane, WV.
1-BPT-1 (Putnam, 1988)
This photo is in Hurricane, WV where US Route 60 and Thompson Rd. meet. The little church in the lower right... more »
25-BPT-19 (Putnam, 1988)
This is Hurricane Town Elementary School along Harbor Lane in Hurricane, WV. The outside of the building is... more »
25-BPT-3 (Putnam, 1988)
This is the Hurricane Church of Christ. It sits high atop a hill along Route 34 in Hurricane near the Hurricane... more »
27-BPT-34 (Putnam, 1988)
This Exxon gas station still exists today on Route 60 in Hurricane, WV although it looks somewhat different... more »
26-BPT-9 (Putnam, 1988)
The structure in the center of this photo no longer exists. It was torn down in circa 2005. There is newer structure... more »
26-BPT-8 (Putnam, 1988)
This house is at the corner of Harbor Lane (Clayton Ave.) and Chestnut St. in Hurricane, WV. The building in... more »

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