West Virginia

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195 mpr 21
195-MPR-21 (Preston, 1985)
High school no longer there
044 bta 36
44-BTA-36 (Taylor, 1988)
Harmon Construction
044 bta 34
44-BTA-34 (Taylor, 1988)
Blueville United Methodist Church
045 bta 02
45-BTA-2 (Taylor, 1988)
Grafton Auto Parts
045 bta 01
45-BTA-1 (Taylor, 1988)
4 Corners Restaurant
036 mpr 31
36-MPR-31 (Preston, 1985)
I too grew up in this house. Now i live right next door. Not as many trees as there once was.
036 mpr 32
36-MPR-32 (Preston, 1985)
I live in this house now. Not much has changed other than the white addition to the barn is no longer there.

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