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004b ngb 26
4B-NGB-26 (Greenbrier, 1996)
This is where Joe Glenn Harrison was born
042 dma 10
42-DMA-10 (Marshall, 1983)
That's my grandparents farm I own it now
005 dty 27
5-DTY-27 (Tyler, 1983)
This is where I grew up! My father, Bill Ingram, still lives there - as he has his entire life. It has been... more »
074 dma 15
74-DMA-15 (Marshall, 1983)
My childhood was spent here in the summers. So many memories. I truly miss it.
019a ara 13
19A-ARA-13 (Raleigh, 1990)
This was Reva Midkiff's house, on E. Whitby Rd in Shady Spring. She was my grandmother, and my aunt lives... more »
019a ara 25
19A-ARA-25 (Raleigh, 1990)
It's the First Baptist Church, 152 Flat Top Rd, Shady Spring WV 25918
019a ara 25
19A-ARA-25 (Raleigh, 1990)
This is at the intersection of Rt 19 and E. Whitby Rd. in Shady Spring. My grandmother built a house about a... more »
023c tba 15
23C-TBA-15 (Barbour, 2000)
This is my sister in laws house. It used to be a church

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