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013 kcr 20
  • This is the old Mt.Sterling elementary school where I, Shay, attended pre-school!
014 kcr 17
  • Mt. Sterling Elementary School
  • Went to school there in 1954-55. My grandparents lived in the house next to the school. I know the trees on the left where never there. On some days
  • while walking to school, my sister and I would stop by the cheese factory and they would let us eat cheese curbs right from the vats, omg, they were good. Being that young, I don't remember much more about the school.
016 kcr 06
  • Oh my gosh. Oak Grove School. After it ceased to be a school. The woodshed and the outhouses are gone. I spent my 8 years in elementary (grade
  • ) school there. I think it is totally gone now. The road has been rearranged at that intersection.
105 kcr 29
  • Left Rolling Ground after graduating from Gays Mills High School in '63. We lived above cheese-factory.
001 kcr 01
  • B.A Kennedy School on South Wacouta Street in Prairie du Chien ,Wisconsin
016 kcr 14
  • I grew up on this farm. We attended Oak Grove School, which was further back on the ridge. Wonderful pace to grow up.
020 kcr 21
  • This is now Chad and Teesha Smethurst home. Years ago it was the Old Fisher farm. I remember going back there to pick up kids for school

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