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013 kcr 20
This is the old Mt.Sterling elementary school where I, Shay, attended pre-school!
014 kcr 17
Mt. Sterling Elementary School
Went to school there in 1954-55. My grandparents lived in the house next to the school. I know the trees on the left where never there. On some days
while walking to school, my sister and I would stop by the cheese factory and they would let us eat cheese curbs right from the vats, omg, they were good. Being that young, I don't remember much more about the school.
016 kcr 06
Oh my gosh. Oak Grove School. After it ceased to be a school. The woodshed and the outhouses are gone. I spent my 8 years in elementary (grade
) school there. I think it is totally gone now. The road has been rearranged at that intersection.
105 kcr 29
Left Rolling Ground after graduating from Gays Mills High School in '63. We lived above cheese-factory.
001 kcr 01
B.A Kennedy School on South Wacouta Street in Prairie du Chien ,Wisconsin
016 kcr 14
I grew up on this farm. We attended Oak Grove School, which was further back on the ridge. Wonderful pace to grow up.
020 kcr 21
This is now Chad and Teesha Smethurst home. Years ago it was the Old Fisher farm. I remember going back there to pick up kids for school

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