340 Lifetime Points Joined 2018


55-JFA-6 (1980)
Brush Creek South Side. Motel, Town hall, Redman residence, Amoco Station (owned by Redman)& Grocery Store
64-BFA-22 (1972)
Ehlert Farm
68-BFA-10 (1972)
Goemann Station
64-BFA-13 (1972)
Mobil Station Brush Creek
64-BFA-12 (1972)
Arlen Legred Farm
63-BFA-18 (1972)
North Blue Earth Church
63-BFA-16 (1972)
Log Cabin at Brush Creek
60-BFA-30 (1972)
South Blue Earth Church
8-BFA-20 (1972)
Pink School House
6-BFA-26 (1972)
Elmer Ehlert Farm 11350 520th Ave.
50-MFA-33 (1967)
Frandle Farm
51-MFA-5 (1967)
Timm Farm 90St. between 520 and 510 Ave
51-MFA-8 (1967)
Harry and Donna Schobert Farm
51-MFA-10 (1967)
Ehlert Farm previously Ed Schaper farm
50-MFA-36 (1967)
Arlen Legred Farm Corner of 110 St(old 16)and 510 Ave(CR21) Brush Creek, just south of Mobil Station
51-MFA-1 (1967)
Don Larson Mobil Service
50-MFA-34 (1967)
Theron Schaper Farm
50-MFA-30 (1967)
Blom Farm corner of 510 Ave and 90 St.
50-MFA-29 (1967)
Carl Voges Farm 9755 510 Ave
50-MFA-28 (1967)
Corner of 100 St. and 510 Ave
50-MFA-27 (1967)
North Blue Earth Lutheran Church
50-MFA-26 (1967)
NW corner of 100th Street and 510th Ave(CR21)
50-MFA-25 (1967)
Building still there Jan. 2019. Was turned into a home.
29-MFA-13 (1967)
Alvin Ehlert Farm and Parents
34-AFY-29 (1984)
Kenny Mohlis
47-HFA-10 (1976)
Kenny Mohlis
52-JFA-16 (1980)
Alvin Ehlert Farm
39-MFA-14 (1977)
Alvin Ehlert