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978 Lifetime Points Joined 2021


69-UWA-33 (1985)
Captain Joe's Seafood, U.S. 84. Jesup Georgia
63-UWA-12 (1985)
Western Steer, U.S. 84 and Sunset Blvd, Jesup Georgia. Today Western Sizzlin Steakhouse.
50-JCR-6 (1987)
J&J Shoppette, today Circle W. Alt U.S. 27. Clem, Georgia.
66-LCL-5 (1987)
Howle's General Store, Hwy 9, Heflin Alabama. Today home to Southern Canoe Outfitters and Final Touch Outdoors... more »
25-LCL-2 (1987)
State Line Fuel Stop/Circle K, Hwy 46 and I-20, Heflin Alabama.
1-LCL-8 (1987)
Ranburne Farmers Co-op, AL 46, Ranburne Alabama
1-LCL-1 (1987)
State Line Shopette, Hwy 166, at the Georgia/Alabama Line. Building above no longer stands, and a new location... more »
63-JHD-26 (1987)
Chattahoochee Motel on old U.S. 27 in Franklin Georgia. Still open today as Hilltop Inn.
62-JHD-12 (1987)
Blueberry Hill store on U.S. 27, Heard County GA. Store standing today, but sits on old 27, as road was moved... more »
44-JHD-12 (1987)
Former gas station on Hwy 34, on the Georgia/Alabama state line. Building torn down sometime around 2000.
43-JHD-28 (1987)
Former general store and former gas station, Hwy 34. Waresville Georgia.
37-JDO-26 (1987)
Long-running gas station in Fairplay Georgia. Today a Chevron. Hwy 166.
71-JDO-24 (1987)
Shell Station at Fairburn Rd and I-20, Douglasville Georgia. Closed in the 1990s, no longer standing today.
30-JDO-30 (1987)
Fairplay Food Mart, Hwy 166, Fairplay Georgia. Store closed in late 1980s-early 1990s. Still standing.
30-JDO-25 (1987)
Town & Country Groceries & Hardware, Hwy 166 and Post Rd, Fairplay GA. Today Pop's Grocery.
38-JDO-20 (1987)
Snack Shack, Hwy 5 and 166, McWhorther Georgia. No longer stands. Closed in the 1990s.
65-UHAR-25 (1985)
Haralson County Courthouse, Downtown Buchanan Georgia.
1-XCP-5 (1984)
Shoney's under construction. Vacant today. Cordele Georgia.
6-XCP-10 (1984)
Colonial Inn and Davis Bros Cafeteria, Cordele Georgia. Today Motel 6 and Denny's.
6-XCP-13 (1984)
Western Steer and a short lived Del Taco. Cordele Georgia.
81-IME-11 (1983)
The Country Store, Lone Oak Georgia. Store's closed, but still standing today.
25-AWA-23 (1988)
Former Grandy's, Old U.S. 78. Jasper Alabama.
7-ECR-24 (1986)
Jake Shoppette, 5 Points Rd, Jake, Georgia. Store still standing but closed.
14-LHAL-6 (1992)
Noble's Truckstop, Hwy 100 and I-20, Tallapoosa Georgia. Today known as Newborn's Truck Stop. Building... more »
14-LHAL-5 (1992)
Former Handy Foods/Huddle House, Hwy 100 and I-20, Tallapoosa GA. Building is gone, and today home to Smokin... more »
47-UHAR-15 (1985)
Hitchin Post, U.S. 27. Felton Georgia. Formerly a store.
48-UHAR-21 (1985)
Former store in Felton, Georgia. No longer standing.
18-TPI-17 (1989)
Former Food Giant, and Blue Star. Today Tractor Supply, Hwy 53, Jasper Georgia.
16-TPI-26 (1989)
Mrs. Winner's of Jasper Georgia on Hwy 53. Closed, and today a church.
15-TPI-3 (1989)
Dairy Queen's first location in Jasper Georgia. Hwy 53. Building no longer stands, but DQ's since opened... more »