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  • 077 ide 16
    Commented on 77-IDE-16
    DeKalb County, IL
    Talish Ford dealership corner of coltenville rd & sycamore Rd sycamore,il the building today was revamped and now is a medical building.
  • 077 ide 03
    Commented on 77-IDE-3
    DeKalb County, IL
    North First st sycamore,il
  • 077 ide 17
    Commented on 77-IDE-17
    DeKalb County, IL
    NB&t bank sycamore,il
  • 077 ide 08
    Commented on 77-IDE-8
    DeKalb County, IL
    Old school house on North First st sycamore,il
  • 077 ide 01
    Commented on 77-IDE-1
    DeKalb County, IL
    North first St first farm on the left hand side heading from DeKalb,il
  • 026 dde 21
    Commented on 26-DDE-21
    DeKalb County, IL
    Plank Rd sycamore,il
  • 023 mdk 14
    Commented on 23-MDK-14
    DeKalb County, IL
    Hanson farm south Mayfield Rd DeKalb,il
  • 023 mdk 12
    Commented on 23-MDK-12
    DeKalb County, IL
    Heide farms south Mayfield Rd DeKalb,il
  • 023 mdk 07
    Commented on 23-MDK-7
    DeKalb County, IL
    Rich road DeKalb,il
  • 076 ide 11
    Commented on 76-IDE-11
    DeKalb County, IL
    Rte 64 west of sycamore,iL farm is no longer there it is now R equipment implement delership.