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8-CJC-35 (1982)
8-CJC-34 (1982)
8-CJC-33 (1982)
House at center of the picture still standing, occupied and good shape. more »
8-CJC-32 (1982)
Main structure in picture is gone. Self storage business there now. more »
8-CJC-31 (1982) Same house still standing, but has been remodeled and added... more »
8-CJC-30 (1982)
To the far left, and more »
8-CJC-29 (1982)
Old house is gone, and so are most of the outbuildings. See more »
8-CJC-28 (1982)
One of the "Rector" homes. The Rectors, and their extended family, owned a lot of the land in the... more »
8-CJC-21 (1982)
8-CJC-22 (1982)
I'm pretty sure this was still owned by the Davis family when this was taken. All of the pictured buildings... more »
8-CJC-27 (1982)
See and
8-CJC-23 (1982)
8-CJC-24 (1982)
8-CJC-25 (1982)
8-CJC-26 (1982)