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8-XCA-15 (1999)
JG and Marilyn Jones place.
8-XCA-16 (1999)
JG and Marilyn Jones place.
11-ACA-22 (1993)
JG and Marilyn Jones place.
8-XCA-25 (1999)
Smith Farm home. Al is gone as it was then. New home has been constucted where old home was.
8-XCA-27 (1999)
Smoth Farm home.
8-XCA-26 (1999)
Smith Farm home, looks very different today!
12-ACA-35 (1993)
Smith Farm home. Lots of barns have changed, home is vacant. There is now an irrigation lake that would now... more »
12-ACA-34 (1993)
Smith Farm home. Pool in yard is gone, house and garage were torn down and a new home built.