7-OXBR-34 (1995)
Former home of Bob Dwelly.
7-OXBR-33 (1995)
Dwelly's Farm Supply. Still in business today as Dwelly's Guns and Feesburg Fertilizer.
7-OXBR-32 (1995)
Formerly owned by Jerry and Ruthie Blum.
7-OXBR-31 (1995)
Formerly the Brody farm.
7-OXBR-28 (1995)
Mockingbird Hill Farm. Robert E. Stout. Property has gone to seed. Barns are falling in and house has burned.
7-OXBR-19 (1995)
Formerly the Carl "Boone" Boyer farm.
7-OXBR-16 (1995)
Formerly the Graves' place.
7-OXBR-15 (1995)
All buildings have been removed. A trailer and new smaller barn now exist.
7-OXBR-12 (1995)
There used to be a corner store on the concrete pad this trailer sits on. The lot is now empty.
7-OXBR-11 (1995)
The barn has been torn down. The house remains.
7-OXBR-30 (1995)
Front view of the Reed farm.
68-YCE-15 (1984)
Former location of Ron's Used Cars and Parts. Now moved to the field at bottom right of photo.
67-YCE-32 (1984)
This house was destroyed in the tornado of 1997.
67-YCE-30 (1984)
Formerly Fagin's Auto Salvage.
99-YCE-5 (1984)
Formerly Holman Chev-Olds in Bethel.
99-YCE-3 (1984)
Tresa Gossett Law Office.
76-YCE-21 (1984)
Formerly Saner's Apple Orchard.
76-YCE-17 (1984)
This is where I lived the first couple years after I was born. All buildings in photo are now gone.
76-YCE-14 (1984)
This house was converted to a church.
76-YCE-13 (1984)
The house near center with the dark shutters is now gone.
6-OXBR-37 (1995)
Home of Danny Pride.
6-OXBR-36 (1995)
Former home of Mrs. Williams, elementary school teacher at Hamersville School. House has been replaced.
6-OXBR-33 (1995)
House and most buildings now gone or in disrepair.
6-OXBR-30 (1995)
Former home of Larry Lindsay, dec'd.
7-OXBR-29 (1995)
The farm where I grew up. My parents bought it in 1966.
45-BBR-10 (1979)
Former home of Carl "Boone" Boyer, pilot for Allegheny Airlines.
33-CBR-4 (1976)
Former home of Millard "Mid" Gaskin.
32-CBR-30 (1976)
Former home of Ralph Stout.
32-CBR-29 (1976)
Former home of Kirby Cornett and family.
32-CBR-28 (1976)
Former home of Gerald Lindsay and family. The house is now gone.