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    McLean County, IL
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    McLean County, IL
    Could be Loren Freed place.
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    McLean County, IL
    Bob Grimsley farm, House is still there nothing else the same.
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    McLean County, IL
    this house is still there, but none of the other buildings.
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    McLean County, IL
    this is a Kemp farm, North of Lexington,Il. There is nothing there now.
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    McLean County, IL
    This is the Myers North plant ,North of Lexington,Il. There are several large buildings there now. It is now owned by Brandt.
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    McLean County, IL
    this is the home of J>J>Kemp, built in 1860s. All of these buildings are gone including the house. It was on the North edge of Lexington,Il.
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    McLean County, IL
    Lexington football field and pool park on the North side of town. The little building to the bottom of the picture is the Patton cabin. one of the oldest buildings in Il. It was built in 1829 near Pleasant Hill. It was built by John Haner( my 6th generation grandfather) and his 3 sons William,Jacob( my 5th generation grandfather) and John Jr., his son in law, Joseph Brumhead and seversl other neighbors. The Kickapoo and Delaware Indians of the area also helped in its building for john Patton and his family. It was dismantled and rebuilt here in the city park in the 1970s.
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    McLean County, IL
    Kemp Grain Co, in Lexington,Il.
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    McLean County, IL
    Mobile gas station that is gone and the motel which is apartments now.