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    Nelson County, KY
    Federal Hill, better known as My Old Kentucky Home located in Bardstown, Kentucky.
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    Bullitt County, KY
    Rooster Run General Store on Hwy 245.
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    Bullitt County, KY
    Jim Beam Distillery in Clermont, KY.
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    Bullitt County, KY
    Jim Beam Distillery in Clermont, KY.
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    Jefferson County, KY
    K&I Lumber on Collins Lane.
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    Marion County, KY
    Original Spalding family farm and homestead on Lovers Lane in the Calvary community. My 2x great-grandfather John Austin Spalding was raised in this home.
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    Jefferson County, KY
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    Marion County, KY
    St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Raywick, KY.
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    Taylor County, KY
    Corbin Farms. In view is Frosty's house near the middle of the photo near the grain silo. Frosty was a tenant farmer who worked for my Uncle Dennis and Aunt Janice on Corbin Farms. Today the trees along the road leading up to the house and silo are gone. The building near the middle right of the photo that is surrounded by trees is also gone.
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    Taylor County, KY
    Corbin Farms.
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    Taylor County, KY
    Corbin Farm. Home of my Aunt Janice and Uncle Dennis who purchase the home and approximately 70 acres in 1964. Today the farm is approximately 900 acres. The home was listed on the National Historic Register in 1977, having been originally built around 1840 by Jonathon Cowherd Jr., a Revolutionary War veteran. I have enjoyed many great memories here and my family still gathers here for Christmas dinner to this day.
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    Jefferson County, KY
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    Jefferson County, KY