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79-PMO-32 (1985)
School bus turned around here. Owen County on left side of picture.
77-PMO-13 (1985)
Sowders place. Trees grown, house obscured from Ratliff Rd. House may have been torn down.
77-PMO-5 (1985)
Was Charles Townsend property. He was former Edgewood HS principal.
76-PMO-35 (1985)
Delbert Stogsdill property. Shed nearest Thomas Rd is gone.
76-PMO-26 (1985)
Bristoe lived here and was active in demolition derbys.
76-PMO-23 (1985)
Cramer's house
76-PMO-17 (1985)
Northwest corner of Ratliff and Trooper Lane
76-PMO-12 (1985)
Corner of Ratliff and Trooper Lane; my friend grew up there and his dad was an IN State trooper.
76-PMO-9 (1985)
Levi Oliver property
75-PMO-18 (1985)
2424 N Hartstrait Rd
75-PMO-1 (1985)
Kady Lynn auction barn.
74-PMO-35 (1985)
Mitchell farm. Quonset-shaped barn gone, replaced with newer metal barn. Former Monon tracks have been removed... more »
74-PMO-28 (1985)
Thompson's house on Walcott Lane
74-PMO-19 (1985)
Lenzy Hays property.
74-PMO-18 (1985)
House is gone, barn falling down or gone by now. Woodyard Rd just west of Smith Pike.
73-PMO-31 (1985)
Veterinary Clinic on N Smith Pike
73-PMO-2 (1985)
Winterlein/Bloomington Packing Company off Packinghouse Rd. Near the "Y" of Vernal Pike and Woodyard... more »
72-PMO-29 (1985)
At the bottom of Stouts Creek hill on Arlington Rd/old Highway 46. Creek is to left in photo.
72-PMO-25 (1985)
Thornton's Welding on Arlington Rd/old Highway 46.
72-PMO-16 (1985)
Hitchrack RV Sales. Long gone.
72-PMO-12 (1985)
Bought my motorcycle here at Big Red Kawasaki. Now it is a pawn shop.
72-PMO-10 (1985)
House no longer there, neither are railroad tracks. Was Wickes Lumber, now Bender Lumber at bottom of picture... more »
72-PMO-9 (1985)
Duplexes in front of Presbyterian Cemetery.
71-PMO-7 (1985)
Harold Dillon's old place.
70-PMO-18 (1985)
Along Highway 46 west of Flatwoods Rd. Couple of barns have been added. Solar farm now in field at bottom... more »
69-PMO-10 (1985)
Nelson Figg farm on Red Hill Rd. House and most of barns/sheds gone. Pond mostly dried up/drained.
69-PMO-5 (1985)
Distant relative lived here; house is either severely dilapidated or fallen in now; trees much bigger now... more »
68-PMO-27 (1985)
On Red Hill Rd, Jack's Defeat Creek running through trees behind house.
68-PMO-13 (1985)
6918 N Red Hill Rd
68-PMO-11 (1985)
West of Red Hill Rd. Trailer gone, new barn built behind where trailer sat, old barn still there.