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7-IDA-7 (1997)
Intersection of 147/225 in Halifax. May have been Pizza Plant at this time. There's a Sheetz here now... more »
7-IDA-8 (1997)
Tom Reinhart's Auto. There's a Sheetz on the right now. Rte 225 Halifax
GDA-2166 (2005)
Tom Reinhard's Auto - still there on the left but there's a Sheetz on the right half of this property... more »
GDA-2019 (2005)
This may have been Patton Tire at this time. Then it became Highland Tire and now it's H&F Tire, on... more »
GDA-2017 (2005)
Lisi Shell on 145/225 in Halifax before they built the new store.
GDA-219 (2005)
209 Beverage Warehouse Rte 209 Elizabethville, PA
GDA-213 (2005)
This was a Rita's Italian Ice and a Radio Shack but it's neither now. Rte 209 Elizabethville, PA
GDA-83 (2005)
Rite Screen rte 209 Elizabethville, PA
GDA-212 (2005)
Bowling Alley (Valley Lanes?) on 209 in Elizabethville, PA. It's out of business now but I think the building... more »
4-OLA-7 (1996)
Jonal's Lawn and Garden 264 Rte 247, Greenfield Township, PA 18407
ALA-28 (2003)
VFW Post 5207 Daleville Highway Daleville, PA
44-AMA-14 (1968)
Wheatland Ferry on Willamette River
44-AMA-13 (1968)
Buena Vista Ferry on Willamette River
39-DDA-37 (1966)
Home on Peters Mountain Road Halifax
39-DDA-11 (1966)
Home on Peters Mountain Rd Halifax
37-DDA-4 (1966)
Home on Peters Mountain Rd Dauphin. It's currently being renovated.
22-CLA-27 (1963)
Marquam Country Store (now - or lastly) Cascade Hwy Marquam OR Clackamas County
25-AMA-31 (1968)
Aldersgate Camps and Retreats Marion Rd Turner
25-AMA-32 (1968)
Aldersgate Camps and Retreats on Marion Rd in Turner
34-AMA-15 (1968)
Gingerbread House on the right, Gene's Meat Market in the back, across the water. Off N. Santiam Hwy Mehama... more »
34-AMA-14 (1968)
Gingerbread House off N. Santiam Hwy Mehama Still there.
34-AMA-16 (1968)
Texaco station off N. Santiam Hwy. There's a different gas station here now - original building is gone.
34-AMA-4 (1968)
Shafer's Canyon Hardware, Inc Ferry RD SE Mehama. Building is still there but it's in rough shape.
29-ACL-37 (1968)
Farm on OR211, near OR213 in Molalla
39-ACL-36 (1968)
Corner of Cascade Hwy and Woodburn-Estacada Hwy Molalla. There's a gas station there now. I don't see... more »
40-ACL-1 (1968)
Corner of Cascade Hwy and Woodburn-Estacada Hwy Molalla. There's a gas station there now. I don't see... more »
69-AMA-24 (1968)
This was a Shell station across from the Central Howell School. There's a gas station there now that looks... more »
69-AMA-23 (1968)
Properties on Silverton Rd NE Silverton. Buildings in front are still there to some degree but the barn and... more »
69-AMA-22 (1968)
Central Howell School Silverton Rd NE and Howell Prairie RD NE. Constructed in 1929 and still there, still... more »
93-AMA-34 (1968)
North Howell Store Howell Prairie Rd NE and Labish Center Rd NE. The building still stands but there's... more »