Photo 19-BCA-37


This was my childhood home. My father purchased it when I was one month old in 1954 and I lived here for 18 years.
Sadly, all the buildings and house are gone now except for a shed that was built after this photo was taken.

It was owned by the Stransky family until 1954 when my father, Glen Metz, purchased it. As Susan said, the buildings, and trees are now all gone. The roadway was straightened, so the S curve is also no longer there. The house, machine shed, and large barn to right were all taken by fire over the years. This photo was taken in the middle 60's. It was a dairy farm with horses, steers and all manner of other animals, including sheep, pigs, chickens, geese and rabbits. Corn, oats, and alfalfa were raised to feed the animals and a large garden was planted yearly. The large barn in the center was the 'cowbarn' where milking of 50 head of dairy cows happened morning and night (a 3 1/2 hour job) Hay was stored in the roof or 'hip' part of the barn. That barn also housed calves from the dairy operation and sometimes steers. The machine shed, housed equipment and was a place to build and repair things that needed fixing. The doors were on tracks that allowed us to slide them back and forth for access, shade and protection from weather. They latched at the bottom, so they stayed put in wind. The corn crib, on the left front, stored corn and oats. You could drive a tractor and wagon through the center and unload its contents. To the right was the hog house and yard. The chicken house is obscured by trees at the top of the photo. This place brought many happy memories to our family. It was fun growing up there. Time has changed the look, but it's still home.

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