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Photo 12-SJO-5


The old Standard Veach gas station at the Vienna I-24 exit. This is now a rebuilt BP gas station.

This was never owned by the Veach's. My father, Bill Stevens, ran the Standard Station at the 4-way in Vienna, then Standard Oil built this station for Dad and he ran it for years. This was the first business to go up East of town.

I grew up there working with my family running the gas station. I changed hundreds of tires and serviced as many vehicles. My father Bill Stevens managed and leased the building.

I worked at this facility from 87-89 after Bill Stevens moved on to more lucrative employment.amaco brought in Bill Cagle and he expanded the wrecker aspect of the buisness untill they closed it.then he purchased the land and built the new facility and after it stabilized he sold it to the new owners that have it to date.

A Standard service station located at 612 East Vine Street, Illinois State Route 146, Vienna, Illinois. Interstate 24 is just to the east (right) of the station. View is looking due north.

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