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This is the "Uthe" Farm. My father totally renovated this house, barns and sheds while we lived here and farmed this land. There were 5 children raised here. I believe this farm was bought by my Father about 1957-58. and sold apprx. 1969-70.

Love the information, Petersohn's bought the farm in March, 1967.

Ted Uthe, my father was the first to contour farm in the area. Today the barn is falling down and a lot of the out buildings are gone. It has been a rental for a number of years. Sad to see the old farms deteriorate.

I bought this farm last year as a foreclosure. We are going to bring some life back to the farm and get it all cleaned up. The old barn is all gone now but I want to make some use out of the old silo. Its nice to see what it used to be...

Good to hear that Scott. Is the farm still 180 acres?

No its just a little farmette now. 11 acres is all. In a few years it will be beautiful. we are going to grow small farm to table veggies and have some animals my kids can learn how to take care of. it will be nice...

You've done a great job cleaning the property up and the house looks great with the changes. It's been so sad to drive by and see it the last couple years. I was in the house a couple years ago and saw some of the changes that were made. The one thing they did was removed the wrap-around counter that went around the wall between the kitchen and dining room.

Your kids will love farm life! Enjoy!

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