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I lived here from 1962 - 1970. My Grandmother and Grandfather Wingate originally owned and farmed this property. I don't know when they originally bought it. This picture would have been taken the year before we moved. This picture is looking south-south east. the house was brick with a coal burning furnace that my dad had to go outside to go down into the basement to load the coal. It had oak floors and one bathroom upstairs. We still had the original outhouse just south of the house - we actually used it when we had to replace the toilet. There was a small wooden annex on the south side of the main house that had the kitchen, pantry and front porch. The barn and lot on the north (near side) was our cattle feed lot and the barn was awesome. The feed lot on the south side was the hog lot and the sheds on the north east corner was where the sows had their babies. the large southern barn was huge to me (I was only 8 when we moved). There had been stairs up to the loft, but my father had to take out the bottom two steps because he had a bull try to climb them. The small white building to the left (east) of the south barn was the machine shop where my dad repaired his equipment and just north of that building is a old railroad car that he kept his seed corn in. The was a small damned lake at the bottom of the hill just left of the house. This property was bought by the railroad (Burlington?) The house was rented out for awhile but then abandoned. I walked through it as an older teen in the late 1970's- very sad.

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