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Elmwood farm Skokie Holsteins on 173 in Antioch all gone except shed

I grew up across the street. Elmwood Farms brings back a lot of memories. Me and my siblings spent hours upon hours playing in the woods and visiting the cows. Rasmussen owned it and I remember we called him RV. I also remember some of the farmhands. Virgil Berg, Erie Bakker and many others. They were always nice to us. I am so thankful that I had the chance to be part of this wonderful farm.

My dad worked on this farm. Miss the fishing in the woods and playing with the baby cows. Also remember the bull called Blue. He was huge and then again I was 4.

I grew up on the Grayslake Gelatin Farm approx.10 miles south in the 50’s&60’s. We were in 4-H and showed our Holstein at many fairs &expositions. Mr.Rasmussen the farm owner & also of National Tea Co. would be there with his Holsteins. As I remember the Elmwood farm manager was Marvin Goodrich. In those days there were quite a few big estate farms.( Curtis Candy,Ravenglen,Sears,Armour,Hawthorn Melody,etc) “Great boyhood days on the farm”

I lived with my parents in the house on the far right in the bottom right of the photo in 1960's. The car in the driveway of that house was my first car-a 1962 black Impala SS stick-Bill Birkner

My grandpa (Fred Birkner)and grandma(Ann Birkne)lived in one of the 2 houses on the property. Grandpa milked cows, and grandma cleaned. I was there every weekend growing up.

Uncle Bob’s. I have early memories of going up to the Farm on the weekends to camp and fish. My mom would clip a bell to my jacket in case I wandered off. My mom has lots of memories of hanging out with the bulls on the farm and at the World Fair. That barn was magnificent, we have barn pictures somewhere.

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