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This was a big house that sat north of route 9 between what is currently the Denver Smith place and Colby Hunt's farm (east of Blandinsville). It was torn down sometime in the 1980s.

I lived in this house when I was around five years old, sometime around 1969-70. In fact, I found the 1970 photo of it, and we were probably living there when it was taken. My family rented it from an old man who lived up the "hard road" in another house, and I only knew him as "Dutch". Long after we moved out, we'd drive past it every time we'd go to my grandma's, and we'd always say, "there's Dutch's House". We only lived there for a short time, and I remember it being infested with mice.

A certain family member to this day claims it was haunted, and that I had described scary things at the time, but I don't remember anything that can't be explained. As Lori said already, it was either torn down or burned down in the 80's. There's not a trace of it or the lot left except maybe a bump next to the road where the driveway crossed the ditch. It's all corn fields.

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