Photo 60-NMC-23


This is St Patrick's Church in Hartland (rural Woodstock), IL 60098. The rectory was torn down in 2010-2011. Church and garage are still there.
Coords 42.378359 -88.490094. It is in McHenry County IL, not McDonough. Its address is 15012 St Patrick Rd. Many of us think your roll 60 is mislabeled.

McHenry Country, not McDonough. It's St Pat's Heartland township

Vintage Aerials: After scanning through your pictures, we believe that at minimum, rolls 45NMC to 80NMC are mislabeled as McDonough County Illinois. After some research, we believe that these rolls actually are of McHenry County Il. This was determined by people from McHenry County knowing the landmarks and some of the features shown. I am a lifelong resident of McDonough County, and worked for McDonough County Sheriff's Office for 38+ years. NONE of the pictures of these rolls are of McDonough County Il. I have seen other photos from your site that are from McDonough County, but not These rolls. Thank you. I hope that this can clear up some confusion.

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